At the heart of Rosetta’s fast-paced kitchen is a wood-fired oven and chargrill for creating simple Italian dishes such as grass-fed Bistecca Fiorentina and free-range Porchetta.

Of course, pasta features prominently on the menu with our dedicated la sfoglina hand-making over 10 different varieties, from strozzapreti and agnolotti to the more traditional fettuccine and gnocchi.


Our collection of wines is a celebration of what is unique about Italian wine. Such a long gastronomic history gives us the opportunity to explore and gain insights into the various regions and cultures that have developed over the centuries whilst maintaining distinct regional identities.

These wines are classic examples of vinous expressions of the region from which they originate. With this in mind, for this list we are putting more emphasis on the region the wines come from, than on the varietal that it’s made with.


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